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Best gel nail polish design in 2020

If you want to dare to try new colors and styles when it comes to fashion in the New Year, you can start with your nails. A fresh new nail polish color is not only perfect for finding out which colors we like to see on ourselves, but can also be very easy (and cheap!) To spice up our OutfitAd.

We’ll tell you here which nail polish trends are in 2020!

Subtle and feminine: beige and nude tones

The best gel nail ail polish in delicate pink tones just never goes out of fashion – this also applies to 2020. But the color palette has now been expanded a little: In addition to light pink, nail polishes in vanilla, beige and light brown tones are now also in fashion. The soft colors make your LookAd appear serious and stylish and they can be wonderfully combined with filigree gold jewelry.

Tip: Finally, bring your nude nails to shine with a topcoat. This makes your nails look particularly well-groomed and always look like they have been freshly painted. For some time now there have also been matt top coats with which you can give your manicure a stylish finish.

French Nails 2.0: Colored tips are one of the nail polish trends of 2020

Classic French nails had their big comeback a few years ago. This year, the elegant, timeless look is being upgraded: colored lacquered tips are currently in fashion. In the first step, the nail is primed with a clear or subtle varnish and then a colored varnish is only applied to the front part of the nail. Incidentally, this look looks particularly classy with a glitter finish, for example in gold or bronze.

Tip: Do you think your nails are too short for colored tips? Then apply the colored polish to the middle of your nails. It is only important that an arch is created on the nail. It makes your nails look longer and narrower.

Extravagant: nails in the trend color Classic Blue

The color institute Pantone has chosen “Classic Blue” as the 2020 trend color. The elegant shade of blue also looks good on our nails. And the best part: The trend color can be combined in a more versatile way than you think! The combination with white, delicate pink, nude and beige is particularly harmonious. But you can also wear the trend color as nail polish with other shades of blue and colorful pieces in which blue appears.

Nail art trends 2020: graphic details are all the rage

Regardless of whether it is colorful or very discreet in black and white: graphic patterns and filigree lines on the nails are absolutely trendy right now. However, a little skill is required for this cool trend. In the first step, the nails should be painted in a color of your choice. Let the paint dry well and then draw the desired pattern with a second color. This works best with a very fine brush or toothpick. Finally seal everything with a topcoat.

Our tip: Those who don’t have a steady hand and who find a visit to the nail salon too expensive can join the graphic nail polish trend with special nail foils. These are simply glued to the nails and then filed down with the nail file. The film lasts for about a week. We have had particularly good experience with the nail foils from Miss Sophie.

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